As we build new exhibits, improve the visitor experience, modernize our facilities and invest in the future, your support of the Zoo is essential. It helps ensure the care for future generations of animals both at the Zoo and in the wild. Help us continue to engage visitors of all ages and create an appreciation of animals and a world-class Zoo experience that makes all of us proud.

Wells Fargo South Arrival Experience

Completed in 2010

As you cross the pedestrian bridge you can feel your heart pound and the excitement grow. Lush jungle greenery, unusual rock formations, waterfalls and stunning
African wildlife sculptures welcome you
as you start your Saint Louis
Zoo adventure.

Peabody Hall

Completed in 2010

Originally the 1917 Elephant House, this is where the famous Miss Jim (our first elephant) lived. This historic building is now the Saint Louis Zoo's exhibit and private event venue. The debut exhibit featured Zootennial, a walk-through celebration of the Zoo's
first 100 years.

Zooline Railroad

Completed in 2010

No day at the Zoo is complete without a ride on the train. The nation's largest miniature rail line, featuring one-third-size replica steam engines, has taken over 35 million visitors on an adventure-filled 90 acre
ride since its first trip over
50 years ago.

Elephant Woods

Completed in 2010

The Zoo's growing Asian elephant family now has an expanded area to roam and play. Located within the 10 acre River's Edge, this natural environment was designed to be a private area for the elephants to wander and explore hilly terrain, forage for shrubs and play beneath a cool waterfall. Make sure to wave at Raja
as you go by on the train.

Glassberg Family
Maintenance Facility

Completed in 2010

This new addition to the Zoo houses the Facilities Management shops and storage for all trades necessary to keep the Zoo running. Information Technology and
the Recycling Center are
located here too.

Sea Lion Sound

Completed in 2012

The biggest splash to hit the Saint Louis Zoo. Sea Lion Sound brings together the Sea Lion Basin and the crowd-pleasing Sea Lion Show into one thrilling 360-degree experience. For the first time in North America, visitors can walk through a spectacular 35-foot-long underwater viewing tunnel and enjoy the antics of sea
lions as they swim above, below and
all around in their
underwater habitat.

Sun Bear Forest


Welcome to the new residence of the Malayan sun bears from Southeast Asia. This habitat, located within River's Edge, will provide more room for climbing, tropical environments and a dramatic opportunity to see this endangered
species face-to-face.

Andean Bear


The Andean bear habitat will be located close to the capybaras and anteaters at the River's Edge. These bears, native to South America, will spend their days climbing and splashing about in a natural stream.

Dog Preserve


Our pack of painted dogs, a new species to the Zoo, will enjoy exploring their new spacious home complete with African terrain, grassy spaces, a termite mound or two, even a pool and stream. Visitors will get right in the middle of this world, observing the dogs playing,
chasing and interacting from the viewing pavilion featuring a
270-degree view.

North Entrance
and the Monsanto
Education Gallery


The North Entrance renovation includes remodeling of the Painted Giraffe Café and the creation of a bright, inviting new Welcome Area. The Monsanto
Education Gallery, where children can explore the wonders of
nature, and the Tree Top Shop gift
shop are now complete.

Polar Bear Point


Zoo visitors won't be the only ones enjoying this exciting new habitat. The polar bears new dwelling will have natural rock formations to climb with new pools to dive in and cool off. Then prepare yourself for the ultimate walk-through viewing area where you'll see a 1,000-pound bear underwater, up close.
It's an experience visitors
will never forget.

Grizzly Ridge


For the first time, visitors to the Zoo will
be able to walk up and see grizzly bears as they splash about in the water at our new Grizzly Ridge area. A gigantic glass floor-to-ceiling viewing wall will let visitors experience the 1,400 pound giants,
native to northwestern North America,
as they play, swim and
catch their food.

Growing Our

An endowment is a living promise to future generations. It will ensure our financial health for the next 100 years and beyond, creating a permanent, reliable source of income that helps the Zoo withstand ups and downs in the economy and hedge against inflation. An ongoing effort, many individuals, families, businesses and foundations in St. Louis community are working together to assist
in building this essential fund.


The Living Promise Campaign

For over 100 years, the Saint Louis Zoo has been an important, beloved part of our community. Yes, it's your Zoo, too. We're proud of our celebrated history and equally excited about our future. As we begin our next century, let's make a promise to ensure the unparalleled standards of animal care and habitats, maintain the finest visitor experience, continue conservation and research and plan for the Zoo's future.

We'd like to share our fascinating journey with you. And there's no better way than to spend a pleasant day at the Zoo. Let's take a look at where we've been and where we're going, together.

Infrastructure Updates

When you're a 100-year-old institution, upgrades are necessary over time. We've updated electricity, water, sewer, natural gas, fire detection, communications and information systems to present code standards.